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Constantly connecting and removing the connector cord can easily cause the charging port to move or bend and even damage the internal components of the phone leading to charging issues.

While holding the cable in a certain position might appear to make the phone charge, doing so can end up causing more damage. It can even cause a short circuit and damage the main board of the phone.

Therefore, if the charging port of your tab or phone seems not to work properly or it’s only charging partially or not at all, then you need to get it repaired by a well-trained specialist.

Q Wireless has professional technicians that can help solve any problem relating with your phone or tab’s charging port. The repair service involves fully inspecting the charging port on your device to identify the cause of the problem.

We will first thoroughly clean the charging port to get rid of any debris from inside the port that might be blocking the connection and perform routine troubleshooting.

If the problem persists, we will perform a complete diagnosis. Our experienced technician will evaluate and test the port to check whether it’s loose, broken or totally damaged in order to perform the necessary repairs that will bring your device back to normal functionality.

Some devices have strict power requirements and might not work with certain chargers. In this case, we might require your charger to ensure that it’s compatible with the repaired charging port or the new charging system if the damaged one is to be replaced.

Our technicians can complete most charging port repair the same day. For more complex issues, it can take more than a day, but the overall turnaround time for almost all repairs is always quick.

So, if you discover something wrong with your tablet or smartphone’s charging port whether it’s loose, broken or all of a sudden can’t charge your device, do not hesitate. Contact us, and we will have the charging port repaired or replaced within no time.

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