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Having your phone or tab accidentally drop in water or any other liquid is not something rare, it happens to most people. However, if not taken care of immediately, the damage caused even by a single drop can have adverse effect on your device or even leave it completely inoperable.

Most devices have delicate internal circuitry which means the extent of the damage can also be completely unpredictable. As such it’s vital to ensure that repairs done on your phone is handled by a professional phone repair technician to prevent any future problems.

At Q Wireless we have the necessary equipment and fully trained and certified technicians that can thoroughly go through your phone to determine the extent of the damage before embarking to repair it.

We will open the device up and clean it up thoroughly to remove all residue and corrosion. The next step would be to carefully dry it completely with the correct equipment.

It’s often difficult to tell exactly the damage that has been done on the device without performing an in-depth diagnosis.

Our water damage repair technician will perform a series of diagnostic tests which involves inspecting and testing different internal components of your device to see how responsive they are and what parts have been affected.

Doing so will give us accurate information about the extent of the damage and allow our specialist to repair the affected areas as necessary.

Sometimes the water might have caused a surge of electricity and in the process damage some vital components. If there is any single component in the phone or tab that we find inoperative, we will replace it only using genuine parts when doing the replacement.

Most of the repairs will take more than a day depending on how severe the damage is on the main board but it’s hard to give an estimate because water damaged phones require an in depth analysis and repair which sometimes can take a few days.

Part of the repair process will actually involve also saving your data and recovering it should we need to. In other words, we will do everything possible to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

Once we’ve fully repaired your device, it will be returned to you and if any issues related to the water damage reappear in that time, we will be more than happy to address it.

To sum it all, we are a leading service provider. We will fix your water or liquid damaged mobile phone, iPad, tablet, or iPhone. We have been able to restore many devices in most cases and at the very least retrieve and save the data that wasn’t backed up.

So, if your phone or tab has taken a dive and seems not to power on or function properly, then don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

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